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Are you avoiding long-distance road trips because of a faulty air conditioning system? Need clarity on which parts of your Aircon need servicing? At Automation, you will be given a complete assessment of your Aircon system and an appropriate service at a competitive price. Whatever the weather you can be confident in a comfortable ride if you've had aircon serviced by Automation.

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With more than 25 years of industry knowledge, trust us to fix all your car's problems.

  • The evaporator has to be disinfected regularly to avoid breeding of micro-organisms

  • The filter needs to be cleaned to stop pollen and dust from entering your car

Important aspects of Aircon servicing:

A well-serviced Aircon goes a long way in making your drive a comfortable one. Be it summer or winter, a good Aircon keeps the car temperature constant, allowing you to focus on the road. Regular servicing of your car Aircon, prolongs its life thus helping you avoid the expenses of installing a new Aircon.


In addition to new Aircon installation and servicing, Automation also specialises in Volkswagen Transporter repairs and spare part replacements.

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